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Newport Reel: Drugstore, Beach, Swimming, Surfboard, Lift, Sunfish, Beach Buggy, Pack & Jingle, Man At Bus Stop, Truck Drivers, Lodge

Published 1958

Compilation of Newport cigarette commercials.

Audio/Visual sound, color


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Reviewer: guyburns - - September 26, 2013
Subject: Bland collection of ads that barely rises above the mundane
11 ads in 11 minutes. Ordinary people in ordinary situations trying to convince an audience to smoke Newport. A rather bland collection of ads that barely rises above the mundane. Even most of the jingles are bland.

The best ad is at 8.40 when a man who misses a bus watches as the woman in a Newport billboard comes to life and sings the jingle “Newport tastes better” in a rollicking jazzy style

Video quality ranges from good to poor; audio quality is okay.